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Success Stories

Adam M. Leach and Team WIN Wrongful Termination Trial for Over 3 Million Dollars

When I was fired from my long-time job after years of faithful service and high performance reviews, I knew I was being pushed out by management because of my age. Mr. Leach immediately stepped in and filed an appeal directly with my employer seeking reinstatement of my position and threatening suit. My employer refused to hire me back so we filed our case with the Court. It was a long road, but Adam, and his team of employment and trial attorneys, went to battle with a large southern California employer and won a multi-million dollar verdict at trial!! I WILL REFER EVERYONE to Adam M. Leach. - M. Rafael

Adam M. Leach Helped Me See My Daughter Again

I hired Mr. Adam Leach to represent me in my Child Custody Case a couple months ago. I was referred to him by the Owner of the Firm where I work. Adam came HIGHLY recommended, and lived up to the Hype within the first week... I had not been allowed to see my child in months, and Adam QUICKLY stepped in and scheduled a consultation with me SAME DAY we spoke. We went over the steps of a child custody case, We discussed my GOAL for Custody and Visitation, and QUICKLY outlined a plan to get us there... Our Documents were filed within 2 days, and we had a hearing date IMMEDIATELY... Once at the hearing Adam Fought Fearlessly against an Opposing counsel that would pull all stops to prevent me from having custody of my child. ONCE in front of a Judge, It wasn't the least bit easy but ADAM got me EXACTLY the Scheduled plan Him and I set forth at our Consultation meeting, and my First Visit would start 24 hours after our court hearing. Now thanks to Adam Leach, and his ALL STAR STAFF, I actually have a relationship with my child,  a GREAT ONE. Adam got me EXACTLY what I wanted, in the exact time I wanted.... I have and WILL CONTINUE to refer anybody to Adam M. Leach. 

- J. Gonzalez

L.A. Times Recognizes Adam Leach's Echo Park Rehab Property as Home of the Day

Adam M. Leach and his investment properties partner, George Esquivel, were recognized by the L.A. Times for their remodeled ranch style bungalow. The renovated home on a tree-lined street in the historic Angelino Heights section of Echo Park had a contemporary yet rustic vibe. Gray-hued ceilings, barn-style hanging doors, and a galley kitchen with butcher block counters were among the updates to the 1920s home. A fenced and hedged front courtyard/patio offered invitation to unwind with a chiminea and sun deck.

L.A. Times Recognizes Adam Leach's El Sereno Rehab Property as Home of the Day

Adam M. Leach and his investment properties partner, George Esquivel, were recognized by the L.A. Times for their bungalow modernization that maximized style and square footage. This cleverly renovated home in El Sereno made the most of its 600 square feet of interior space. The open floor plan utilized large redwood decks with cable railings to facilitate an indoor-outdoor vibe, while bringing in city light views. Large windows, exposed ceiling rafters and contemporary upgrades created a polished setting with plenty of natural light.

Adam M. Leach Represented Me in Buying My First Home

Mr. Leach was incredible in his knowledge, client service, and execution during my first home purchase. He's definitely one of the hardest workers in the RE business. Adam was essential in getting the house I wanted at the price-point I was expecting to pay. In addition, the property that I purchased was marred in an ugly legal battle between a family who was fighting for the rights to sell the property. His vast knowledge of the law (he's also an attorney) facilitated the transaction in a way no other RE agent would have been able to accomplish. Thank you Adam, and keep up the hard work! - D. Herrera

Adam M. Leach is My Attorney of Choice

Attorney Adam Leach is a consummate professional who is well versed in bankruptcy, employment, and family law.  He has represented myself, my family, and my firm on both personal and corporate cases.  He always maintains excellent communication and clearly identifies ALL of the options that are available to us.  He is a skilled negotiator and someone I confidently recommend. I will continue to send my family and clients to Mr. Leach. 

- P. Argueta

Adam M. Leach Successfully Defends Against Domestic Violence Allegations

Mr. Adam M. Leach is worth every penny he charges.  He recently represented my nephew in a domestic violence and child custody case. I believe that if it wasn't for Mr. Leach's knowledge and experience with these kinds of cases my nephew could have resulted with a domestic violence case on his permanent  record not to mention losing custody of his daughter.

Mr. Leach was very professional and courteous throughout the entire process. My nephew  was able to receive a free initial consultation in which he was made aware of what his legal rights were. He was also made aware of some of the possible positive and negative outcomes.

Mr. Leach came to court prepared to do his job, and he did do it to the best of his abilities. He also took the time to prepare my nephew and the witnesses for court. I believe Mr. Leach truly did earn every penny he charged my nephew to represent him in this case. 

- G. Godoy

Attorney Adam M. Leach Fought for My Custody Rights

I've been struggling for the past year and a half with custody issues. My son's mother never wanted to cooperate and it was an intense, stressfull situation. It was clear that I needed some professional help. My sister in law recomended Adam Michael Leach. From the moment I met with Adam I felt extremely calm just by listening to the plan that he had for me. He explained in detail how the system worked and the steps we need to take to have a succesful case. He seemed to understand my situation more than I did myself....which made me feel even better. Adam showed up to my first hearing so professional and prepared. The only words that came out of my mouth were yes your honor and thank you your honor. He did all the professional talking and now I'm sitting here next to my son hoping that no one ever goes through this kind of case....but if you do, I assure you, ADAM IS THE ATTORNEY TO CALL.

-J. Evangelista